Assets of the pilot project in Romania

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Assets of the pilot project in Romania

Post by Iulia on Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:28 pm

The Trail of the Romania Ancient History at the Black Sea Coast

2000 years of history in 2 days

1. The National History and Archeology Museum – Constanța

2. The Archeology Park – Constanța

3. The Roman edifice with mozaic – Constanța

4. Capidava Fortress - Capidava

5. Histria Fortress - Istria

6. Callatis Fortress - Mangalia

7. Callatis Archeology Museum- Mangalia

8. Tropeum Traiani Museum - Adamclisi

9. Tropeum Traiani Monument - Adamclisi
10. Tropeum Traiani Fortress - Adamclisi


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